About Me

I am Sarah (but my nickname is Sairi).  I am a wife to an incredibly handsome man.  And a mom to a crazy, smart, wild 2 year old boy!  My guys are my world! :)

My Nickname -
For the last couple years, I have been embracing my nickname which I have had all my life.  Only one person in my life ALWAYS called me Sairi (S-air-ree), my grandma Hazel.  Now, other family members have called me that maybe once in my whole life... but that is how she addressed me.
I wish I had embraced it sooner in my life.  I've had quite a few different nicknames... and only one stuck, but I don't go by it anymore.  It wasn't until after my grandma passed that I took it on; probably because I didn't realize how much I liked it until I stopped hearing it.

My Banner/Signature -
I've had my signature pic for a while.  I made it for the forums that I frequent.
To be different, I hand picked every item in my signature.  They all represent something about me - either a very important part of my life, or something that is a favorite.

I'll let you in on the break down....

This represents the most important "thing" in my life: my relationship with Jesus.  And is a constant reminder that He died for me.

The rings represent my marriage.
Kaleb is very important to me.
He is a "jack of all trades"!  And SO SO smart.  He loves documentaries and learning about random things. Which most of the time, I could care less about! LOL 
But God has brought us together to do amazing things!

The duck represents my son- who is such a blessing from God!  A month or two before Tristan turned 2, he decided to attach himself to this cheap little stuffed duck (that he has had since birth!).  His name... Mr. Duck. lol  Now, thankfully he doesn't throw fits if Mr. Duck has to stay home or something; BUT if given the option, he will choose to take him along.

My camera is very important to me.  I am a photographer.  And it's rare that I don't have it in my hand! lol  It's sickening to most how many pictures I have.... of just my son!!

I LOVE to sing... and I like music.. but can't play any instruments! HA HA
Before our son was born, we would go sing karaoke at least once a week.  Kaleb got me started, when he saw an un-encouraged talent in me.
Now, I occasionally sing on our worship team at church.


Daisies are my favorite flower!  
They are so cheerful.
And NO, they are NOT a weed!!

Penguins are my favorite animal.  I'm not really sure why....

The flower/heart combo represents a couple things.  First, that I am feminine.  
I have a very take-charge personality, but I am still delicate.
The heart symbolizes how much love I have for my friends and family.

Now, the colors.... Blue is my favorite color!
When I was in high school, my favorite color was purple... but switched to blue half way through.  And it's been blue ever since, with purple close behind.
So, it's perfect that Kaleb's favorite is purple! :)

And I like silver (don't like gold)... and think that blue and brown look cool together.  

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