Triune Blog Train

I am the proud host of the Triune Blog Train (a Christian/Faith Blog Train)! 

If you would like to contribute a mini kit, word art, etc for this, please contact me - by leaving a comment or via my Sairi Designs' Facebook page.

I have a Facebook Group where all the planning takes place.  I would love to see this train grow and grow!

Our first blog train launched October 15th with seven participating blogs.  And we are up to about a dozen for our second train!  God is good!

I hope you enjoy this endeavor as much as I am!  And PLEASE, spread the word. . .

What does Triune mean?
[tri·une] [trahy-yoon]
1. three in one; constituting a trinity in unity, as the Godhead.
2. Trinity, the Godhead in Christianity
(from wikipedia)


  1. I love this!!! What a great teaching tool!!!

  2. I think I'd love to join your Blog Train, however do not have anything to do with Facebook, so that may exclude me from it. Just thought I'd leave my post, even it it takes me no-where.
    Thx 4 UR time!!