Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Leap of Faith

A couple months ago, it was placed on my heart to open my own scrap store.  I have thought about, prayed about and determined it was totally crazy- since I have no experience with running a store at all.
I finally stopped debating with God and decided to jump in!

My best friend, Heather, helped me figure out a name.  We brainstormed for hours.  I had the phrase ". . . because life does not wait" - it's a motto that I love.  She came up with Scrappy Diem and I refined the spelling to Scrappe Diem! :)  We make a great team.

Then yesterday, it was announced that Divine Digitals is closing. :( I am very saddened by this news. I love what Royanna inspired through her "challenges" and passion for her faith. But it was that moment I realized why God placed it on my heart to open a store; He wants me to fill that gap! I got goosebumps! Now I have a new sense of urgency to get the store open because DD closes doors the end of February!

I am currently setting up the site by myself.  I have been elbow deep in web code for a couple weeks now.  But I have the forum almost completely finished!  whoo hoo!  And I will be moving on to the store front and gallery next. 

Here's where I could use some help.  To get the store ready for designers to join, I need some special codes to make the site run correctly.  Unfortunately, I am unable to fund this by myself (I am a SAHM).  I am asking for donations.  I do not want to do this blindly, though.  I want to thank those who help make this possible!  I don't want to take advantage of anyone!  So, I have come up with an offer. 

Anyone who donates $15+ will get a 6 month membership to a Priority Club.
Anyone who donates $25+ will get a year membership to a Priority Club.
And anyone who donates $40+ will get a lifetime membership to a Priority Club!

What is a Priority Club?  Glad you asked. . .
I will be honest, it will be slow going at first.  And I will offset the 6 month and year to accommodate for that. . . but it will be a chance to get an exclusive FREE gift each month. 
It will either be a grab bag, kit, or add on - that will be determined after I talk with the designers I am blessed to have at the store :)
The name is also being considered.  But for now, it's being referred to as a Priority Club.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I have a goal of $300 - that will be enough to get the codes I need for the store!  And I know many hands make light work. . . and I am trusting God in this venture. :)

Also, if you have any experience with zen cart or setting up a store, or even know css/php coding, I would appreciate any help I can get! :)  Thanks again!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Sick But Sweet

When I saw Chicken Doodle Soup by Sugar Moon Designs, I instantly thought of my best friend's daughter, Luna.  She is such a sweet little girl, who unfortunately, is always sick. :(

Preview of kit (image linked to store):

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling Blue

I ran into a situation when scrapping this page.  I had Listamania by Midnight Owl Designs picked out. . . my template picked out (Opposites Attract, also by MOD). . . my picture picked out. . . and started scrapping.  When I was finished, I looked it over and LOVED how the page turned out, BUT my picture no longer fit.  The feel of the page and the feel of the picture no longer connected.  Thankfully, the last thing I ever do is title my page.  So, I went looking for a picture that fit the feel of the page and finally found this one.  I think the page turned out beautifully (if I do say so my self LOL).  And don't we all have times where we just feel . . . blue?

Preview of kit (images linked to store):

Friday, January 11, 2013

January Bingo Card

I decided to participate in the Lovely Bingo over at With Love Studio.  I designed my card using Just Because by FranB Designs.  I really like how it turned out :)  though, not as epic as my November card.

Preview of kit (image linked to store):

Not Me Without You

I love templates by FranB Designs.  I got This & That V5, and paired it with some of the Lovely Color pieces from With Love Studio.  I LOVE penguins. . . that's pretty much the reason I got Opposites Attract (elements & papers). lol

Preview of kit (images linked to store):

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pretty In Pink

I love my little niece!  If you've been around a while, you know that she is almost 4 months younger than my son. . . but A LOT shorter. LOL  I have many pics of her, but I actually stole this one from my Sister-in-love's facebook - because her clothes matched FranB Designs' January kit - ha ha!

Preview of kit (image linked to store):