Thursday, February 28, 2013

DD Round 4 Voting

The polls are open for Designer Darling voting for round 4!!! I would really LOVE to make it to the last round!  eeeeeeeeeeek!
Please head over to STS and vote for me!!   And if you could, please vote for Callaluna Creations too!  I would love for her to move on too!

Thank you!  We really appreciate all the votes, comments and support!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designer Darling - Round 4

Well, I made it to round 4 of the Designer Darling contest. . . because there weren't any cuts last round. HA HA HA  There is one more round left!  EEEEK!

Here are the instructions we received for round 4:

"This round will present a new challenge for you. We want to see your creativity!! This round will also challenge you further. Now that you have made your own CU, you can use it! Your CU use will be restricted this round. Don't be scared - just get creative!!


Well – this round is probably the toughest round yet – as designers we often get very dependent on CU items – the problem with this is that if everyone is using the same CU – then everyone’s kits look basically the same! We want to see what you can really do – without the crutches! The only things you are allowed to use this round that aren’t made by you is the Starter Mix you have been given in your download pack. Which means that you all have the exact same set of CU to pull from – so we DON’T want to see all the same stuff recolored and put into the kit – get creative (you do NOT HAVE to use the CU you are given)

You can choose your theme and pallet – but you must use this color in the pallet!"

In a couple months, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!! That's what inspired this kit The daffodil is the flower for the 10th anniversary... but I tried to keep everything general enough to be used for any year I hope you like it!

You can download the mini in my submission thread over at STS.  And I will have an add-on in a couple days for you 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Time For Yourself

I love the colors of the kit, Be True To Yourself by Shelly Marie.  I decided to keep with the theme and make a reminder page for myself.  AND for every other Mom out there. 
This is also my first, non-photo page!

Preview of kit (image linked to store):

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Designer Darling - Round #3

Well, I made it to Round 3!!
The challenge this round was to create our own designer resources. Not just
anything – an extraction. We were to photograph/scan some items and extract them - THREE in all.

This is a challenge for me.  I have done extractions for my photography, but nothing at this level of detail.  I am a CU designer.  I know that about myself.  LOL  I would much rather pay for the resources I need, than spend the time to do my own.  But my style is also more flat/texture/sticker than realistic/3D, so I don't need a lot of extracted things.  At least going through this challenge I know that I CAN make my own elements if I need to! :)

I finally opened my Photoshop too.  I design in Gimp, but it was just not getting me the results I wanted.  I have PS. . . and have for many months now.  But I've been much too busy to open it up and learn how to use it.  Well, Heather (you all know Heather by now, right? lol  Callaluna Creations) finally "pushed" me into the deep in!  But at least she threw me some floaties!
She walked me through some of my quality control actions I have.  And next, styles!  lol

To get my submission, you will have to head over to the Designer Darling submission thread!  I hope you like it. . . Enjoy!  I'd love to hear from you too! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I think I might very well be crazy. LOL  If you are new around here. . . you might think that is an odd statement.  If you've been around awhile. . . you know that's pretty right now. :P

I decided to challenge myself this week and make a page without using a kit!  Crazy, I know!  I used a template from AK Designs (for the shapes/structure), Black Basic paper pack from Sugar Moon Designs and Everyday Chunky Alphas from FranB Designs!  This was really drawing myself out of my comfort zone.  But I think it turned out pretty well!  What do you think?

The story:  We got my son a Leap Pad 2 for Christmas.  It has a little video teaching the sounds of the letters and an app that teaches you how to write the letters by tracing the lines (and it is very specific, you can't skip or miss a dot!).  In about two weeks, he had mastered ALL the sounds of the letters and could trace all the letters.  About two weeks after that, he started writing letters on his doodle pad!!  He started with "A".  It's about 2 more weeks now (6 weeks total), and I know he can write A, B, b, C, c, D, H, I, i, M, m, R, O, o, P, p ALL by himself!!  He's not even 3 yet!!  I am one proud Mommy! :)

Preview of the elements used (images linked to store):

Friday, February 15, 2013

Triune Blog Train - Amazing Love

Hello everyone!!  First Triune Train of 2013! 

I have been crazy busy. . .
So, here's a little catch up -

I am designing and opening my own store!  Scrappe Diem!  I am praying things will come together soon.  But I am very excited about this.  :) 

I will be looking for designers in the near future.  If you are interested, please drop me a message either here, on my facebook page, or by email sairidesigns [@] gmail [.] com
I'm not sure how many designers I will be taking on to begin with. . . depends on how smoothly things go in setting up.


I am participating in the Designer Darling contest over at Stuff to Scrap!  We just submitted our minis for Round 2.  This is the first round they are cutting designers.  I'm hoping to stick around for a little while.  I have never considered myself a designer. . . but I surprised myself!  My submission for this round was amazing, if I do say so myself.
You can find the mini for Round 1 HERE.  The mini for Round 2 HERE.  And the Round 2 add on HERE.  :)  You can also scroll down and see previews in the previous posts.

I am also participating in the 60 Day Weightloss Challenge at my gym!  It started Feb 13th - which was totally not fair!  Right before Valentine's Day. . . really!?  lol  I have my first session with my trainer today (Friday the 15th).  I'm no stranger to the challenge.  I've participated 2 other times in the last 5 years.  First time, I won my category but lost the overall.  And the second time, I came in second for my category.  But this time, I am going to win it all!  I know it!

There are other things. . . but those are the main ones :)

Now for the Triune Train!

February's theme is Amazing Love!  Here is the color palette:

I have been very busy with the Designer Darling Challenge, so I don't have as much as I would have liked for the train.  But if you sign up to follow my blog via email, you will get notifications of any additional freebies I might post!  I'm hoping in the next week, to get a couple more things done for this :)

But for now, here is a paper pack:

I have had several people comment about not having a facebook account.  And I respect your decision, so if you do not have an account, but would like the items offered on facebook. . . Please email me and I will get you the link to download those pieces.  sairidesigns [@] gmail [.] com

I am the "train station" for this blog train.  If you get lost, come on back and you can continue where you left off.  I am very thankful and blessed to have such fantastic artists contributing to "my" blog train!  Thank you to all of you!
Now, here are your stops:

Sairi Designs <-- You are here

A-M Digital Designs
Cajun Diva Scraps
Karen Diamond Designs
Gray Dragonfly
Touched By A Butterfly
Scrappin' Sisters
Scrap Happens Embellish It

Enjoy!  And remember to leave the designers some love!  They love to hear from you! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

With The Girls Add On!!

Well. . . as promised!  I have the add on for my Round 2 mini kit, With The Girls! :)  If you haven't picked it up yet, you can do so on the Designer Darling Submission thread.

I hope you all love it!  And please, remember to go to STS and vote for me (and Callaluna Creations)!  I really appreciate it! :)

You can get the add on freebie over on my facebook page:

AND, this is always my standard - if you do not have facebook, you can email me and I will send you the download link.  I don't want you to miss out on my freebie just because you choose not to participate in having a facebook account!  sairidesigns [@] gmail [.] com

DD contest voting!

Voting for the Designer Darling contest has started!  They start cutting designers this round. . .

Please head over to STS and vote for me and Callaluna Creations!  We would love to stick around a while longer lol :)

Thank you!  We really appreciate all your help!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Designer Darling Round #2

This round, for me, started off really slow!! I bounced back and forth in what theme I wanted. I also changed my palette a couple times too.
We were given two pictures for inspiration and were told to come up with a theme and color palette based on the two pics.


Here is the info we were given:


This round, your challenge is to create a mini kit using this story and/or picture for inspiration – when you post your submission – please also tell us how you were inspired!

This past fall, I got to go out to Utah for the Scrapbook Expo – I got to hang out with some of my Stuff to Scrap friends. It was so fun to meet some of these online friends and to spend 2 days scrapping and hanging out! After the expo, I got to go watch Nicole play in a roller derby match – and she is awesome! She got out there and totally kicked some tushie!


My first thought was a "Girls Night Out" kit, but looking closer at the patterns on the two middle shirts I was going to go retro.  They just jumped out at me and I loved the colors!  But I was struggling with the theme. . .
Obviously, I went back to my original idea! Should have stuck with my gut instinct.

The colors are not what I would normally use. I do not like pink at all! lol But it's the color I pulled off the shirt. I did make all the pink elements in blue as well, which will be in my add on in a day or two

I actually LOVE how this kit turned out... despite the pink hehehe

You can download this mini kit in the submission thread over at Stuff to Scrap!

You should head over to Heather's blog and check out her submission!  It's pretty amazing! :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Blessed Love

It has been a while since I made myself a new Facebook cover photo.  With Valentine's Day next week, I decided to use that as my theme.  I got Timeline Pack 3 by AK Designs, and the February Lovely Colors by FranB Designs, called Forever.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I kept some of the shapes from the templates, which I don't normally do - but they fit :)

Previews of kits (images linked to store):

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Designer Darling Contest - Round #1

I don't know what I was thinking. . . really, I don't!! lol
I am not a designer.  I like to make papers and word art for the blog trains. . . but still don't consider myself a designer.  I LOVE scrapping, more than designing.  But with my new store opening, I decided I needed to do more designing. . .

Also, I kept telling my best friend Heather (you know her, Callaluna Creations) to sign up!  She LOVES designing!  And she does really cute kits.  Finally, she did!  YAY!  But when I talked to my hubby about it, he told me I needed to join her.  So, with Heather and Kaleb saying I should. . . I signed up. 

I still don't know why!  I am so incredibly busy!  Between being a wife, a stay-at-home mom to a 2 1/2 year old, a couple projects for the church, designing for the Feb Triune Train, my CT work, my Promo work, and trying to get my store up and running. . . I HAVE to be sleep deprived to think I needed one more thing on my plate!  Oy.  Okay, enough of that little whine session. LOL

The color palette for this round was hard for me.  Initially, the only thing I thought of was spring.  But I knew that everyone else would think that too. . . and I wanted to do something less obvious.

I have been wanting to do a non-pink Valentine's Day kit for a while now!  Not only do I hate pink, but I have a little man.  So, I had my theme. . .

I think it turned out pretty good! :)  And I managed to get my kit in before the deadline! 
Whoo hoo!
You can download it at the forum, click here or the pic below:

I'm going to have an add-on posted here on the blog, eventually. LOL  So, try to remember to come back :)

There is a play along thread if you would like to give it a shot. 

I also encourage you to head over to Heather's blog and take a look at her submission! It's very cute!

No cuts for round one, so there will be at least one more freebie from me! *wink*  Thanks for all the support and I love hearing from you! 

Thanks!  And enjoy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moon Still Shines

I got a beautiful kit called The Moon Still Shines, by Mollyscraps.  So so beautiful!  It could be used for a variety of pics.  My initial intention was to scrap a romantic pic but decided to do the sleeping pics of Tristan :)

Preview of kit (image linked to store):

Image coming soon-

Friday, February 1, 2013

STS Road Trip - Hello February

It's Road Trip time again!  But first I want to make an announcement!
I am opening a store!  My target date is March 1st!  EEEEEEEK!

It's been an interesting could of months.  You can read about it in my previous post below.

I am currently accepting designer inquiries.  So, send me a message (here, email or on facebook) if you are interested in more information :) 

Now for the Road Trip.  I've been very busy, as you can imagine. . . so I only have a little for you this time.  I wanted to make more, but I ran out of time.
And please visit my facebook page.  I have several freebies posted there on the tabs and in the freebie photo album!

Get the funky paper pack here on the blog:

And here is the rest of the train!  Enjoy!!

Desert Digi Scrap
A-M Digital Designs
Karen Diamond Designs
Shuckclod's Stuff
Cajun Diva Scraps
Lots of Pretty Things
Baby Yaks
MDK Scraps
Wendy Tunison Designs
Scrappin Serenity
WinksArt Graphics
Growing Pains Scrapped
Scraps by Andrea
KapiScrap & Art
Scrappy Chicka
Saphira's Scraps
The Scrappy Kat
Studio Linda Renee
Scraps N Pieces
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Sairi Designs  <-- You are HERE
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