Friday, August 10, 2012

Door Name Tags

My church had a Ladies Retreat this past weekend.  While in planning mode, the need for door name tags came up.  I said I could make them.
We went back and forth about if they should be color or black & white.  Or if they should be simple or elaborate.  But I finally got the green light to make them in color.  Once that was decided, I said I wanted to go elaborate and make something the ladies could keep.. for a bookmark or whatever.

I think they turned out really well :)  They were all printed on white cardstock.

I used a different kit on each one, so that none of them were the same.  I would love to list every designer and kit for each one... but I honestly didn't keep track.  BUT, if you want to know a specific kit, let me know and I will track down the info for you.  I will also try to get back here and list the info when I have time... but it might be a while.

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