Monday, October 15, 2012

Triune Blog Train!!

Well, the day is finally here!  Here is the first Triune Blog Train!  Whoooo hooooooo!  If you would like to participate by offering your great works, please contact me.  We are currently deciding our next theme for November!

The theme for October is Children Are A Gift From God. 

The color palette:

Now, you can pick up this great alpha here on my blog:

And this great word art (with a cross) pack on my facebook page:

I have had several people comment about not having facebook.  If you do not have a facebook, but would like the items offered on facebook. . . Please email me and I will get you the link to download those pieces.  sairidesigns @ gmail [dot] com

I am the "train station" for this blog train.  If you get lost, come on back and you can continue where you left off.  I am very thankful and blessed to have such fantastic artists contributing to "my" blog train!  Thank you to all of you!
Now, here are your stops:

Sairi Designs <-- You are here
Touched By A Butterfly
Scrappin' Sisters
Callaluna Creations
Karen Diamond Designs
Digiscraps n More

What does Triune mean?
[tri·une] [trahy-yoon]
1. three in one; constituting a trinity in unity, as the Godhead.
2. Trinity, the Godhead in Christianity
(from wikipedia)


  1. Thank you very much for your beautiful work and for organizing this!

    1. You're welcome! :)
      And thank you! I've been on my heart to do for a while... :)

  2. Thank you for being organizer of this hop. Touched by a Butterfly put me in touch! i would like to follow you via email...but couldn't find the link!

    1. Hello Marianne! That's great! I'm so glad the word is getting out :)
      There is now a link on the right hand side. I thought there had been one there, but apparently not.
      But there is now!! :) Thanks for your interest! :)

  3. Great palette and theme! I would love to participate in the next month.

    1. Thank you!!
      I would love for you to join us! :)
      This is where all the magic happens ;) hehehe

  4. Sorry I missed out on taking part in this blog train. I had been keeping an eye on your forum but must have missed the news about this.

    I would really like the lovely word art but cannot work out how to download it.

    1. We moved to a facebook group (it was posted in the forum). The forum was too hard for me to use.
      I would LOVE for you to join us still!! :)
      Here's the link for the "designer" group:

      For the word art, it's on my facebook page. Click on the image. That will take you to my page. "like" my page then click on the pic with all the stars, then click on the preview :)

  5. Congrats on your first blog train!!
    Thank you for your part, I love the color scheme and the theme :)

  6. Yay, thank you! I look forward to seeing how this train grows!

    1. you're welcome! I'm excited to see how it grows too!
      I already have even MORE designers for the next one!! :)
      Yaaaa hoooo! :)

  7. Thank you for doing this! For pulling this together and making it available. It waas a wonderful thing...we are blessed!

    1. You're very welcome! I'm so glad it's getting positive feedback!

  8. Thank you for the notification of this faith-based blog train as well as your insoiring word art. I just had a recent addition, a great-granddaughter who came in at 1 lb, 6 oz on July 4th of this year. We have been blessed because she has reached 5 lb, 4 oz. So your wordart has multiple meanings for me and my family. Blessings.

  9. Such beautiful word art and lovely alpha! Thank you for sharing with us and I love the faith-based approach. It is nice to remember the importance in our lives.

  10. wow, great digi stuff and I really love that picture of the meaning of triune!
    Have a great weekend :)
    Christine Smith ||

  11. TY to all the designers for sharing their talents with us.
    Digital Scrapper Becky