Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Triune Blog Train - Father's Strength

It's that time again! We have a great color palette for you this month.  Our theme was Father's Strength.  Just in time for Father's Day.

And I have some sad news.  I don't have any pieces this month :(  I have had a crazy busy schedule.  I LOVED the color palette too, so I might do something along with next month's theme and post it. . . Now that life is slowing down, I'll try to make time for that.  Especially since I feel so bad.  Not only did I not get my pieces done, I also totally spaced that today was the 15th.  I thought it was the 13th.  Not sure why or how, but my brain had the wrong date.

I will share some photos of the craziness that has been my life.  All good things, but it's taken me away from my laptop, leaving no time for designing.  On top of all the normal whirlwind that is my life (I am a stay-at-home-mom of a, now, three year old.  I'm sure you understand LOL), these things were thrown on top:

My husband and I went to Spokane, WA (about 5 hours away) to see John Maxwell speak for the weekend in the middle of April.  We do this every year.  He is an amazing speaker and writer!  Of course that means packing for two different occasions - us and my son who was staying at Nana and Poppop's house!

My hubby's birthday was the next weekend (April 27th).  I don't have a pic from that. . . LOL

Then five days later it was our son's 3rd birthday!! :)  We didn't do a lot of celebrating because I was leaving town that day :(  But I got to spend a couple hours with him in the morning and he had a fun day.

That same day I headed to our church's ladies retreat.  I created a bunch of things for it (door tags, binder covers, bookmarks, labels - and put all the binders together) over the last few weeks which also added to my busy schedule.  We in Ocean Shores from Thurs-Sun.  It was a lot of fun and I was happy to have a break!  Of course it was iNSD weekend, and I was really bummed to miss it.  But I was in good company and needed the time to spend with God.

My break was short.  As soon as I got back, it was back to running!  I had some catching up to do for being gone for 4 days AND Tristan's birthday party to prepare for!  Yikes!

My hubby talked me into making his cake. . . again.  I said after last year's I was not doing it!  But, I did.

And we surprised Tristan with a train ride!  It's an old train that they do special rides, very reasonably priced too!  We took my Mom and Dad and my inlaws.  Tristan had a blast!!


After the train ride, we stopped at home gave him some food then went to his party!  It was a super long day, but so fun :)

And that brings us to Mother's Day, which was busy and we weren't home.  And Monday and Tuesday I wasn't home either!  UGH!  And yes, I realize Sunday was the 12th. . . I'm not sure why I thought three days later was the 13th LOL  I think my brain finally fried! LOL

So, there you go.  A little glimpse into my FUN but chaotic life! :)

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  1. I am sorry you didn't have time to create anything this month. I saw how busy you were and I marveled that you were able to get it all done. :) Thank you for continuing to bring us this wonderful blog train. :)

  2. Also...the cakes you made for your son are so cute! :) My mom used to make special cakes for us, in any shape we wanted, for our birthdays. Special memories. :)