Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Designer Darling - Round #3

Well, I made it to Round 3!!
The challenge this round was to create our own designer resources. Not just
anything – an extraction. We were to photograph/scan some items and extract them - THREE in all.

This is a challenge for me.  I have done extractions for my photography, but nothing at this level of detail.  I am a CU designer.  I know that about myself.  LOL  I would much rather pay for the resources I need, than spend the time to do my own.  But my style is also more flat/texture/sticker than realistic/3D, so I don't need a lot of extracted things.  At least going through this challenge I know that I CAN make my own elements if I need to! :)

I finally opened my Photoshop too.  I design in Gimp, but it was just not getting me the results I wanted.  I have PS. . . and have for many months now.  But I've been much too busy to open it up and learn how to use it.  Well, Heather (you all know Heather by now, right? lol  Callaluna Creations) finally "pushed" me into the deep in!  But at least she threw me some floaties!
She walked me through some of my quality control actions I have.  And next, styles!  lol

To get my submission, you will have to head over to the Designer Darling submission thread!  I hope you like it. . . Enjoy!  I'd love to hear from you too! :)

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