Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designer Darling - Round 4

Well, I made it to round 4 of the Designer Darling contest. . . because there weren't any cuts last round. HA HA HA  There is one more round left!  EEEEK!

Here are the instructions we received for round 4:

"This round will present a new challenge for you. We want to see your creativity!! This round will also challenge you further. Now that you have made your own CU, you can use it! Your CU use will be restricted this round. Don't be scared - just get creative!!


Well – this round is probably the toughest round yet – as designers we often get very dependent on CU items – the problem with this is that if everyone is using the same CU – then everyone’s kits look basically the same! We want to see what you can really do – without the crutches! The only things you are allowed to use this round that aren’t made by you is the Starter Mix you have been given in your download pack. Which means that you all have the exact same set of CU to pull from – so we DON’T want to see all the same stuff recolored and put into the kit – get creative (you do NOT HAVE to use the CU you are given)

You can choose your theme and pallet – but you must use this color in the pallet!"

In a couple months, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!! That's what inspired this kit The daffodil is the flower for the 10th anniversary... but I tried to keep everything general enough to be used for any year I hope you like it!

You can download the mini in my submission thread over at STS.  And I will have an add-on in a couple days for you 

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