Saturday, February 16, 2013


I think I might very well be crazy. LOL  If you are new around here. . . you might think that is an odd statement.  If you've been around awhile. . . you know that's pretty right now. :P

I decided to challenge myself this week and make a page without using a kit!  Crazy, I know!  I used a template from AK Designs (for the shapes/structure), Black Basic paper pack from Sugar Moon Designs and Everyday Chunky Alphas from FranB Designs!  This was really drawing myself out of my comfort zone.  But I think it turned out pretty well!  What do you think?

The story:  We got my son a Leap Pad 2 for Christmas.  It has a little video teaching the sounds of the letters and an app that teaches you how to write the letters by tracing the lines (and it is very specific, you can't skip or miss a dot!).  In about two weeks, he had mastered ALL the sounds of the letters and could trace all the letters.  About two weeks after that, he started writing letters on his doodle pad!!  He started with "A".  It's about 2 more weeks now (6 weeks total), and I know he can write A, B, b, C, c, D, H, I, i, M, m, R, O, o, P, p ALL by himself!!  He's not even 3 yet!!  I am one proud Mommy! :)

Preview of the elements used (images linked to store):

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